When trauma healing is hard

I have more good days than bad days. But the universe still throws me days where I lose faith in my continued healing and start to doubt the progress I’ve made.

My biggest mental health gremlin is self-doubt. Part of that is just how I’m made. Part of that is linked to patchy memory and some memory loss. I feel like I can’t always trust my brain and this perpetuates that cycle of self-doubt. It gives my inner critic’s voice more weight and evidence than it should have.


Today is an odd day as they’re starting to close internal borders here in Australia and Sydney is developing more COVID hotspots.

Still, it isn’t a day where I am doubting reality and trying hard to be alive. But I wanted to build on some beautiful affirmations I read this morning and write down my own so that on those days, I can come back here and remind myself.

✨ I am worthy of love and belonging

✨ I am a ‘child of the universe no less than the trees and stars’. I have a right to be here

✨ I have come a long way. I have relearned courage, compassion and trust

✨ My healing is not linear and that is okay

✨ I have a voice

✨ I trust myself to know the difference between what is real and unreal

✨ I am responding to my body and mind with compassion and kindness

✨ I am healing even when it is hard

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