The golden hour as a parent

I find it really ironic that the golden hour - sunset and sunrise - is usually one of the hardest times to be a parent. The world looks so beautiful but you’re usually either up too early or trying to survive what becomes known as ‘witching hour’, when you become a parent.

Today started at 4am with a sick toddler 🤪 The winter bugs hit our place about four weeks ago when my son brought home a virus from his new daycare. I then cut myself and ended up with an infection in my jaw and neck.

I was onto a second type of antibiotics that are finally getting my body in order, when Amory was sent home from daycare Tuesday with a new cold 😂😢

We’re stuck in that horrendous patch all parents inevitably reach. I’m on green juices, Armaforce and will start probiotics when I finish the antibiotics.

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