Stop stress turning into anxiety

Stress and anxiety are sisters, not twins.

I find that one feeds into the other, but stress is often something external that influences my mood.

⁣For me, anxiety is internally driven and is (often - not always) a chemical thing that is unrelated to what is happening in my external environment environment.

But if I let stress brew too long unchecked, it developed into that heavy, cold anxiety that sits in my chest and body.

At the moment, I am studying, working, managing life with a toddler, and also trying to look after my well-being and wellness. It is a difficult juggle that often leaves me feeling overwhelmed.

But I am learning a few tricks for managing this – and wanted to crowd-source some more by putting it out there.

✨ Exercise. For me, running is the quickest and most effective way to get good chemicals flowing and to spend a bit of time in the present - usually because I am just focusing on getting through the next hundred metres. This year I have also started looking at other forms of movements like Pilates and yoga. They help me to de-stress but I often need cardio too in order to properly lift me out of a stressful mood.

✨ Meditation. Again, this is about forcing my brain to stop whirring. Sometimes I use my Mala beads, other times I will follow along a guided meditation, and I’ve even tried using a track of Buddhist monks chanting a few times just to keep myself distracted enough to actually stay present.

✨ Nature. We are lucky now to have the seaside close by, but even when we lived in the city I always had a nearby nature escape like a local reserve or river. There is something about seeing the green, breathing the air, feeling the sunshine that calls me back from that jittery overdrive I get caught in when I am stressed.

✨ A support system. I am so fortunate to have a husband who I can rely on to contextualise my feelings and to prop me up when everyday stresses get on top of me. @nickoneill_photos is currently training to be a paramedic and one of the reasons I know he will be so good at the job is because of how much he helps me get through the difficult times that I encounter.

What do you do to overcome stress?

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