Rituals and self-help books

I realised this week I haven’t been brushing my hair much recently 🤦🏼‍♀️ This is a real change to before the world ended, where I loved a chignon, high bun, pin curls, or soft blow wave.

I wrote a little while back about how I find putting on make up to be quite a soothing ritual that makes things feel a bit normal. I have recently found the same thing about actually brushing my hair, sometimes changing up the styles, putting some nice products in it. It has been so long since I’ve done anything like this.

I recently had to take time off work for my mental health, and along with getting all my wellness supports in place, it gave me some head space to look at myself and how I’m living.

I have been adjusting to a new medicine regime, which is not always easy, so I’ve had good days and bad days. But today has felt like a good one.

I went for a run down to the Seacliff Bridge, which is a bridge suspended from the cliffs on one side with the ocean below, down here in the Illawarra region.

It is only a short run from our place so it is hard to resist the temptation to run it, even on days like today where I had low energy from fasting and had to walk part of the way back.

I am feeling really good. I think getting back into routine and doing fasting again has also given me more mental clarity.

I have done the cliched thing and I am now reading three self-help books in various forms. One is on trauma, one is on Buddhism and self acceptance, and the other is on yoga Nidra as a tool to heal PTSD.

I am officially in self-help mode so if you have any good recommendations please let me know. I’m particularly interested in things like nature therapy, medicinal treatment for PTSD, yoga and wellness, hormonal treatments, the use of sunshine and meditation for mental health, and the therapeutic benefit of spiritual practises - of all varieties.

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