Quitting sugar

I spoke last week about my unhealthy recent obsession with marshmallows. I realised over the weekend (when we caved and bought them again!) that this is my first experience of sugar addiction. Forever the last one on the bandwagon 😂 I write down so many things as notes and leave them, like diary entries, because I re-read and just wonder, ‘how did I think this was somehow so profound I needed to share it with the world?’

But the reason this one has come to me so lately is that I’ve never really had much of a sweet tooth – if anything savoury food is always where I’ve had trouble controlling my self in the past. I have never been a big sugar fan and so I haven’t seen how addictive it can be. I had read about it in a lot of Sarah Wilson books. I even quit sugar quite easily for a while because all it meant really changing were bad habits around alcohol, white bread and pasta 😂 🍝

I am crowdsourcing quitting tips! I don’t think I can have marshmallows in the house. I thought maybe there’s an alternative I could get like dried fruit, but that’s still really high in natural sugars. Should I just go cold turkey? I’d appreciate hearing from anyone who has tried this!

I thought for a minute I was going to come out of Covid with a lighter, yoga bod. I lost 17kg and took up Pilates, yoga, running and cycling, but it’s all going to come undone if I don’t get rid of the marshmallows soon...

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