Mental health recovery

Today was a lazy Sunday on the beach. My feet in the sand, connected to the earth, breathing in salt and light, breathing out the depression and anxiety that have made such a mess of the past month.

I’m slowly on my way out of this relapse. I am trying not to dwell on all the negativity to come out of this past month – and there has been a lot of it – but to instead focusing on where I have learned, gained or grown.

What are some of the big mental health lessons you’ve earned along the way?

✨ My mental health is no longer a taboo topic. I have had open, honest dialogue with my husband and other family members who have supported my recovery. This is very different to the initial PTSD episode I had in March, where I struggled to find the words for what I was experiencing.

✨ I have traded crutches like food and alcohol for exercise, meditation, yoga and grounding in nature. My go-to circuit breaker this past month has been to take a walk on the beach and sit in the sand dunes meditating. I never thought I would be someone who did that kind of thing – it almost seemed a bit cliche and attention seeking – but I have found so much peace in time alone and quiet time in my head.

✨ I cherish the moments without emotional pain. Along with PTSD, I have a major depressive disorder and have experienced episodes since I was a teenager. Prior to this year, it had been years since I’d been in a deep depression. I forgot how dark and painful in gets down there. The last few days have been like day and night.

✨ I am so grateful to my body and my mind and so appreciative of its capacity to heal and recover.

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