Intermittant fasting with hashimotos

I had a question about intermittant fasting the other day so thought I’d expand on how I’ve lost weight (17kg) with an underperforming thyroid and hashimotos disease.

When I’m fasting, I mostly do 16:8 (fast from 8pm to 12pm) or 20:4. I have been in maintenance mode for about two months now - and also took a few months over Christmas. That is what I really like about fasting - it is something you can do in bursts so that you’re not constantly on a diet. I usually do Tuesday to Friday, as I find it harder to fast on days my son is home with me because they’re more physically demanding.

Regardless of how long I’m fasting, it is important to stay hydrated. I drink a lot of water and tea with stevia.

Electrolytes are really the key to doing longer fasts. I use Ultima Replenisher powder when I’m trying to be strict about the ‘fasting’ part - or coconut water, lemon, stevia and water when I don’t mind having a few calories and maintaining a solids fast.

One thing that helped me too is the Zero app. It’s great for keeping you accountable.

I find fasting works for me because it is less restrictive and all-consuming than a diet. I don’t need to watch my food 24/7. I can maintain a long fast knowing that I have a goal or that it will mean I don’t have to stress about counting calories or carbs after that.

I’ve seen people doing 24-48 hour fasts. I’ve done a few 24 hour ones but don’t know how people do that regularly. I get so grouchy and hangry! I’d love to level up and try for a 24+ hour fast, so maybe that can be a short-term goal when I clear this infection.

At the moment, I’m focused on immunity boosting, not a calorie deficit.

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