Gratitude when you don't always feel grateful

For the first time in a little while, I felt properly grateful today. Gratitude is something I struggle with. I think it is hard when you are sick - either mentally or physically - to properly appreciate everything you have. Appreciate your mostly healthy body, or your incredible husband and beautiful son who you couldn’t live without.

I sometimes find it hard to get perspective. I can get very caught up in the ‘now’.

Today started at 4am with a sick toddler and didn’t get much better. But it has also given me a profound appreciation for how lucky I am to have the life that I have and to have the health that I have.

Tonight I am feeling very grateful to be in a young, mostly healthy body. I am feeling incredibly grateful to have access to a great, free healthcare system. I am grateful to live in a democratic society where I have the freedom to live and speak my mind.

The heartbreaking new from Lebanon has come in tandem with a second COVID-19 wave. The world feels like a bit of a unsettled place at the moment.

So for today at least, I feel deeply appreciative and so grateful for everything I have.

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