Faith in humanity

After work this afternoon, I walked down to the local beach and took another walk.

I love the experience of grounding through a barefoot walk, particularly on the beach. I don’t mind going barefoot over the rock shelves or on a bush walk, but the beach is particularly soft and special.

I had a day in which I really struggled to control my emotions. I cried or almost cried a few times over things that weren’t a massive deal.

This is something that makes me really uncomfortable. I think I have a lot of shame associated with tears in particular, but generally I have award tried to keep a pretty tight lead on my emotions.

I keep thinking of Jim Carey in Liar Liar or Bruce Almighty 😂 I go from someone with such a hard personal boundary to someone who can’t stop having heart-to-hearts with people and expressing herself through tears.

It reminded me of the value in other humans though. Despite my tears, I’ve been greeted with nothing but kindness today and I think that’s really cool. It’s really amazing when you are so raw and real - and people don’t turn away from it, they turn into it with kindness.

I am just really thankful for other humans at the moment. I’m working really hard to get myself better and - hopefully I don’t have too much longer of this - but it’s nice to know that while I am here I still get to be treated like a human.

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