COVID-19: Pandemic, comfort and rituals

In the last few weeks before moving to working from home in March, I carefully picked outfits, and rotated through my favourite lipsticks and jewellery. I enjoyed the process of doing my make up each day because I thought it would be a while until I got to do it again.

⁣But there was a bit of a novelty too, because everything was so unprecedented in Australia.

Fast forward 4 months, I rarely put on makeup (or anything with zippers or buttons 😂). But anytime I do, I find it a soothing ritual that makes life feel normal.

I get the same feeling when I exercise, or on the rare occasions we eat out. Or last month when I got to actually go into the office for some training.

I’m grateful for these moments of normality. Australia had a small first COVID-19 wave but there is a second happening around the country. It’s starting to feel a bit unsettled again.

Like many people, I’m trying to focus on routine and little rituals. I’m reminding myself of what I can control, like immune boosting recipes and rebuilding my gut health after all the antibiotics.

This pandemic has been very hard on a lot of people. So many people have become unwell, and even died. Some people have lost employment, experienced racial discrimination, been stuck away from home when the borders closed, had loved ones stuck overseas.

I remember towards the start of the year watching higher numbers in Italy and Spain, and then in the US, and now it seems impossible to watch the situation in Melbourne.

It is definitely a time for revisiting the little rituals or activities that still our thoughts and comfort our bodies.

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