Autoimmune disease and body image

When my son was about three months old, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.

Hashimotos slows thyroid function, so I had put on over 10kg, had extreme postpartum hair loss, and my breast milk had dried up.

If there is anytime in your life where you don’t want to be overweight and balding, it’s when you’re an anxious new parent! 😂

But in many ways, getting the diagnosis was a relief. Breastfeeding had become so stressful because 9/10 times Amory refused to feed. I took that as a rejection of me - and went over and over what I’d been doing, sure there was some fault in myself and my breastfeeding approach that had caused my son to reject me.

With my autoimmune disease in remission, I’ve worked to drop back to my old size. In a year, I’m down 17 kgs and six dress sizes.

But as I deflated, I started to see parts of my body that have changed since pregnancy. I see the looser, saggier skin and larger hips. New stretch marks from where my weight has yoyo’d.

I’ve not been a big poster of swimsuit pics in the past, but with the arrival of this gorgeous one-piece from Mood Apparell I wanted to chronicle and appreciate my body in this moment. I am so thankful for how far it has taken me, and I value it for its function, not its aesthetic

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