Anxiety and a cliff descent

The smile of a girl who has the beach to herself. I’m sick again and was in the car driving to get treats (self-care! 😂) when I decided a walk would be better. Not sure it was great for my body or infection, but it has been so good for my mind.

⁣Across the road from our house is a little track that a neighbour told me takes you down to the local beach. I knew it would be a steep - we live on the clifftops - but I‘ve seen kids with surfboards heading down before.

It’s been raining this past week so the sheer, mountain-goat track turned in to a mud puddle. I spent the entire descent terrified of a landslide.

I arrived at the beach to realise it’s A local beach but not THE local. So then my worry became, the tide is coming in what if this beach stops existing soon? I wrote this down to reality check myself.

I know the tide is coming in. I can see it. I can also see sand dunes and plants, indicating that this beach is not just a tidal beach.

This is my anxiety talking. It’s pretty bad today. I am not doing as good as I have been. Getting sick seems to have been the catalyst for a decline. I really need movement, sunshine and water to thrive. But I haven’t been able to enjoy much of the three lately because I’ve been unwell.

I’m on antibiotics to clear up this infection in my neck, jaw and ear, so I’m hoping that’ll be the start of a better patch.

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